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Welcome to AfyaNzima, powered by Ilara Health. Afyanzima provides comprehensive and holistic care that goes beyond conventional healthcare services.

Our commitment to you is unwavering, offering personalized support to individuals and families from all walks of life. From the moment you step into our clinics and pharmacies, you will be welcomed into a warm and inviting environment designed to enhance your well-being. We ensure our services are accessible and affordable, making high-quality healthcare available to everyone. Your well-being is at the heart of everything we do at AfyaNzima. We are dedicated to providing the care and support you need to live a healthier, happier life.

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Curious to experience our commitment to quality and care in person? We invite you to explore our diverse network of locations.

Aurora Healthcare Limited

  • Location: Ngong Town
  • Contact us: 0724 708 786
  • Operating Hours: 24/7
  • Unique Services: Eye clinic, Maternity
  • Insurance: NHIF, Sanlam, Madison

Texas Healthcare Centre

  • Location: Kayole, Masimba Road
  • Contact us: +25429969100
  • Operating Hours: 8:00am - 8:00pm
  • Unique Services: Eye clinic, Maternity
  • Insurance:

Zackii Medical Centre

  • Location: Heart of Ndumbuini
  • Contact us: +254 780 650 722
  • Operating Hours: 24/7
  • Unique Services: Eye clinic, Maternity
  • Insurance:

Provide Medical Centre

  • Location: Mathare
  • Contact us: +254 796 155 403
  • Operating Hours: 24/7
  • Unique Services: Eye clinic, Maternity
  • Insurance:

Precious Life Medical Centre

  • Location: Ruai
  • Contact us: +25418555259
  • Operating Hours: 24/7
  • Unique Services: Dental Services, Eye clinic
  • Insurance: NHIF

Sinai Medical Centre

  • Location: Mwihoko
  • Contact us: 0725 399 474
  • Operating Hours: 24/7
  • Unique Services: Eye clinic, Maternity
  • Insurance:

Malaika Healthcare Limited

  • Location: Kawangware
  • Contact us: +254110519034
  • Operating Hours: 8:00am - 8:00pm
  • Unique Services: Gynecology, Eye services
  • Insurance: Mtiba

AfyaNzima Pharmacies

Nimoli Medical Services

  • Location: Kasarani, Sunton Stage
  • Contact us: +254 722 829585
  • Operating Hours: 24/7
  • Insurance:

Well Living Medical Clinic

  • Location: Kayole, Mihango stage
  • Contact us: +254 741 77959
  • Operating Hours: 8:00am - 8:00pm
  • Insurance: NHIF, Jubilee, Mtiba

Zackii Medical Clinic, Muthua

  • Location: Uthiru, Muthua
  • Contact us: +254 783 016868
  • Operating Hours: 24/7
  • Insurance:


Ayuma Cynthia

“I was referred to this clinic by a friend due to its reputation for offering quality and affordable services. They attended to my daughter who had sustained burns until full recovery and still, they have been in touch with my family until now. Since I started coming to this clinic I noticed the doctors are so friendly when it comes to kids, the staff are very welcoming and the services are good.”

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Join our growing network of partner facilities

Pharmacy as a Service

In this model, we operate your clinic pharmacy for you, giving you peace of mind as you focus on the management and clinical care provided in the rest of your facility. 

We ensure:

  • The clinic pharmacy is fully stocked with quality pharmaceuticals at all times, ensuring your clinic can always provide patients with the necessary treatment and no sales are lost due to stockouts
  • The clinic pharmacy is fully licensed and staffed with qualified personnel at all times to help grow the clinic and deliver the best possible quality of care, without the need to worry about recruitment, training and regulatory compliance
  • All up-front investments are made by us, meaning you do not need to invest in stocking the pharmacy and can use these savings for the rest of the facility
  • We take care of all administration, including detailed financial reporting and ensuring that no medication is out of date
  • We onboard the clinic to our Health Management Information System software free of charge; this is used for automated pharmacy inventory & patient management as well as billing with automatic M-PESA payment reconciliation

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Partner (franchise) clinics

In this model, we broaden our support to the clinic beyond pharmacy as a service to encompass other elements of the facility to transform your clinic into a centre of excellence by:

  • Supporting staff management and training
  • Implementation of our HMIS software
  • Ongoing clinic quality assurance: staff training on clinical standards
  • Investment in the facility infrastructure and appearance
  • Clinic equipment including computers, tablets and laboratory diagnostic equipment (e.g., haematology analyzer, biochemistry, portable ultrasound, rapid tests, etc.)
  • Organization of ongoing medical camps such as eyecare or maternity clinics
  • AfyaNzima's corporate identity and branding

Reach out to us

We can tailor the offering to the clinic's exact needs - whether it is dealing with financial management, staff (training) or aspiration to grow with new offerings. As each clinic has different needs, we welcome you to reach out to discuss what a potential partnership could look like.